Why We Joined Our Vape Advocacy: A United Front for the Vaping Industry

The vaping industry stands at a critical crossroads in a period of rapid change and increasing scrutiny. Facing stringent regulations and battling widespread misconceptions, those of us in this business find ourselves navigating a challenging and often misunderstood landscape. The mainstream narrative, fuelled by sensational media coverage and restrictive legislative measures, paints a picture that does not always align with the realities experienced by millions of individuals who have turned to vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

As a growing force in the vaping market, Vapeaholic has witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of vaping products on public health. Our commitment goes beyond selling products; we are deeply invested in the well-being of our customers, many of whom have successfully kicked their smoking habits with our help. However, the recent years have introduced new complexities. Misguided regulations threaten to undermine the progress we have made. At the same time, negative publicity continues to tarnish the public’s perception of vaping.

The situation demands more than passive observation; it requires a proactive stance. This is why we are proud to announce that Vapeaholic has joined forces with Our Vape Advocacy (OVA) today.

OVA is more than just an organisation; it is a movement dedicated to safeguarding the vaping industry and championing the rights of both businesses and consumers alike. In them, we find not only a partner but a shared vision for a future where the benefits of vaping can be recognised and preserved.

Joining OVA is not a decision we made lightly. It is the result of careful consideration of what our industry needs to thrive and what our customers deserve—truth, transparency, and policies that reflect the realities of vaping rather than the myths. With OVA, we stand ready to correct misconceptions, influence policy, and ensure that the vaping industry can continue providing valuable service to those looking to live healthier lives.

Our partnership with Our Vape Advocacy declares our commitment to this cause. Together, we are poised to make a significant impact, advocating for sensible regulations, fostering a better understanding of vaping’s role in harm reduction, and supporting the countless individuals who depend on us. It’s about more than just vaping; it’s about preserving a lifestyle, a choice, and a community that matters to so many of us.

Why Our Vape Advocacy?

Our decision to align with Our Vape Advocacy (OVA) was not made lightly. As Vapeaholic continues to grow, both through our physical store presence and our expanding e-commerce platform, we remain steadfast in our commitment to the health and well-being of our community.

Since our inception, we have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals, transition away from smoking traditional cigarettes—a journey that not only changes individual lives but also has broader public health implications.

Despite these positive impacts, recent years have introduced significant challenges that threaten to undermine our achievements. The vaping industry, our industry, has been cast in a harsh light, frequently targeted by negative press and misinformation. Of particular concern have been issues like underage vaping and the proliferation of illicit vaping products—problems that demand a responsible and vigorous response.

In this climate of heightened scrutiny and misinformation, we sought a partnership capable of effectively addressing these complex issues. Our Vape Advocacy stands out as a beacon within the vaping advocacy landscape. Their approach is not one of mere opposition to regulation but of thoughtful, proactive engagement with the challenges we face. OVA champions a set of aims that resonate deeply with our values and address these critical issues head-on.

Aligned Values and Shared Goals

The core aims of Our Vape Advocacy reflect a comprehensive understanding of the nuanced landscape in which we operate. They are not just fighting against unfavourable regulations but working to shape an environment where responsible businesses can thrive while contributing positively to public health. Their goals include:

  1. Advocating for Fair Regulations: OVA seeks to influence legislation distinguishing responsible industry participants from those who jeopardise public health. This advocacy is crucial in ensuring that laws are crafted not only with the intent of protection but also with an understanding of the fundamental dynamics of the vaping market.
  2. Combatting Misinformation: Through strategic communication efforts and public engagement, OVA aims to correct the widespread misconceptions about vaping. This initiative is vital as public opinion often drives regulatory decisions. By presenting data-driven insights and real-world success stories, OVA helps create a more informed narrative around vaping.
  3. Promoting Responsible Practices: OVA is committed to leading by example and advocating for industry standards that ensure safety and integrity. This includes rigorous age verification processes and measures to curb the sale of illicit products, thus addressing some of the most pressing concerns directly impacting our industry’s reputation.
  4. Building Community and Consensus: By uniting various stakeholders—from manufacturers and retailers to consumers and health advocates—OVA fosters a stronger, more cohesive voice for the industry. This collective effort is essential in facing the well-organised and often well-funded opposition.

Therefore, our partnership with Our Vape Advocacy is not merely a membership; it is a strategic alignment with a group that understands the stakes, shares our commitment to health and community, and is prepared to act decisively and effectively. Together, we are not only defending our right to operate but also championing the rights of millions who have found vaping a lifesaving alternative to smoking.

Unified for Change

Unity is not merely a strength but a necessity in times of adversity. Our Vape Advocacy operates on this foundational principle, serving as a crucial rallying point in a period marked by fragmentation and widespread misunderstanding within our industry. The emergence of OVA comes at a pivotal moment—when the need for a coherent and united front has never been more acute.

The current landscape is daunting; with a staggering 80% of the British public holding a negative view of vaping, the repercussions for our industry are profound. This widespread negative perception, fuelled by sensationalised media reports and often uninformed public discourse, has not only impacted the vaping community but also stigmatised users, many of whom have turned to vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking.

Challenges of Disunity

Historically, the lack of a unified voice has left our industry vulnerable to attacks and subjected to policies that do not always consider the nuances of vaping as a harm-reduction tool. Disunity has cost us dearly—not just in terms of market share or sales but in the very perception of vaping’s role in public health. Without a strong, collective voice, individual businesses and advocates struggle to make their voices heard in a sea of opposition.

The Power of a United Voice

Our Vape Advocacy recognises the power of unity and harnesses it to forge a path forward. OVA aims to craft a compelling narrative based on science, success stories, and regulated industry practices by bringing together businesses, consumers, health experts, and advocates under one umbrella. This consolidated effort is vital to shift public perception from scepticism to understanding, from mistrust to acceptance.

Strategic Initiatives for Change

To enact meaningful change, OVA focuses on several key areas:

  • Educational Campaigns: These are designed to inform the public about the benefits of vaping compared to smoking, using evidence-based research and testimonials from individuals who have benefited.
  • Engagement with Policymakers: By presenting a united front, OVA engages more effectively with legislators, ensuring that new regulations consider the insights and expertise of those within the vaping industry.
  • Media Outreach: OVA actively seeks to correct misinformation through media engagement, providing clear, accurate, and consistent messaging about the realities of vaping.

Looking Forward

As a member of this influential advocacy group, Vapeaholic is committed to participating actively in these initiatives. We believe that through a unified approach, we can overcome the challenges posed by misinformation and regulatory hurdles. Together, we can transform the narrative around vaping, emphasising its role in harm reduction and public health improvement.

Our commitment to Our Vape Advocacy is a commitment to every customer who has chosen to trust us with their journey away from smoking. It is a promise to fight for our community’s rights and ensure that future policies reflect the positive impacts of vaping. In unity, there is strength and a promise of a better, more understanding future for the vaping industry.

Key Initiatives and Manifesto

Our Vape Advocacy (OVA) is not merely reacting to the immediate challenges the vaping industry faces; it is actively shaping its future through a series of strategic initiatives. Each initiative addresses current issues and sets the groundwork for sustainable industry practices.

  1. Closing Legal Loopholes: Importing vaping products not intended for retail but allowed under the premise they will be exported is a significant loophole that feeds the black market, undermining public health and industry standards. OVA’s initiative to close this loophole aims to disrupt the supply chain of illicit products. By advocating for legislation that treats the import of such goods with the same strictness as retail sales, we can significantly reduce illegal market activities. This policy has the potential to unite a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including those typically opposed to vaping, as it aligns with broader public safety and regulatory compliance goals.
  2. Enhanced Age Verification OVA plans to roll out a uniform age verification system across the industry, utilising Yoti’s biometric and digital identity technologies. This system ensures that all transactions are subject to robust age verification checks, adding an extra layer of security and responsibility without imposing additional financial burdens on retailers. This initiative bolsters the vaping industry’s credibility and demonstrates our commitment to preventing underage usage. Implementing cutting-edge technology will place the vaping industry at the forefront of retail safety and consumer protection.
  3. Addressing Misconduct Misconduct within the industry, such as the sale of illicit products or sales to underage consumers, tarnishes the entire sector’s reputation. OVA’s centralised reporting system will standardise the process of reporting infractions, ensuring they are not only noted but acted upon by relevant authorities. This method will elevate accountability standards and help establish a more responsible and ethical marketplace. OVA ensures that evidence is meticulously collected and presented by centralising complaint submissions, facilitating more effective regulatory enforcement.
  4. Future-Focused Policies OVA’s proactive stance extends to preparing for potential future regulatory challenges, such as flavouring restrictions and the environmental impact of disposable vaping products. Their engagement with HMRC and other regulatory bodies regarding the duty scheme for e-liquids is a prime example of how OVA proactively influences policy discussions. By anticipating and preparing for these issues, OVA ensures that the vaping industry can adapt to future changes without disruption and continues to operate sustainably.

Looking Ahead

Our alliance with Our Vape Advocacy is a strategic step towards a future where the benefits of vaping are universally understood and appropriately regulated. It’s about more than business growth—it’s about fostering a healthier society. At Vapeaholic, we are excited about the future and are proud to be at the forefront of this transformative journey.

Find Out More About Our Vape Advocacy

We warmly invite each of you—our valued customers and dedicated readers—to engage more deeply with Our Vape Advocacy and embrace this vital movement alongside us. By learning more about OVA and its transformative goals, you can play an essential role in a larger narrative that champions public health and industry innovation.

Visit the OVA website, attend community meetings, or spread the word about the positive impacts of vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. Your active participation is crucial.

Together, we possess the collective strength to safeguard an industry that supports economic growth and innovation and significantly contributes to public health. Every voice raised in support, every misconception corrected, and every participant who joins this cause brings us one step closer to a society where vaping is recognised for its positive contributions. Join us in this endeavour—your support can and will make a profound difference.


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