Longfill E-Liquids: The Future of Vaping Amidst Upcoming Vape Tax Changes?

longfill e- liquids the future?

The vaping landscape in the UK has experienced significant shifts since the introduction of the Tobacco Products Directive in 2016, which limited nicotine-containing e-liquids to 10ml bottles. This regulation gave rise to the popularity of shortfill e-liquids, which offered a workaround by allowing vapers to mix nicotine shots into larger volumes of nicotine-free e-liquids.

As we approach the expected vape tax in October 2026, another innovation, longfill e-liquids, is gaining traction. These products promise to maintain the diversity and customisation that vapers enjoy and potentially offer a way to circumvent the impending financial burdens of the new tax.

Longfill e-liquids, on the other hand, are similar in concept but differ significantly in their application.These bottles contain a small amount of highly concentrated flavouring, leaving substantial room not just for nicotine shots but also for additional diluents (VG, PG, or a mix of both). This allows for precise adjustments to nicotine strength and PG/VG ratios, catering to the sophisticated preferences of experienced vapers.

Advantages of Longfill E-Liquids

Customisation and Control:

  • Longfill e-liquids provide vapers with the ability to fine-tune their vaping experience. By adjusting the amount of diluent and nicotine, users can achieve their preferred throat hit, vapour production, and nicotine intake.

Intense and Refined Flavours:

  • The concentrated nature of longfill flavours means that once diluted, they can offer a richer and more immersive taste experience. This particularly appeals to flavour enthusiasts who seek depth and complexity in their vaping.


  • Longfill e-liquids could become a more economical option with the impending vape tax. They potentially reduce the tax burden by allowing users to purchase larger, less frequent batches of concentrated products, which could be less heavily taxed than ready-to-vape solutions.

Environmental Benefits:

  • Longfills can contribute to reducing plastic waste. By consolidating what would otherwise be several purchases of smaller bottles into one larger, customisable package, longfills offer an eco-friendlier alternative.

Challenges and Considerations

While the benefits are clear, longfill e-liquids require a more hands-on approach, which may appeal to only some. The need to measure and mix several components means that longfills are best suited to those who enjoy an involved preparation process. For new vapers or those looking for convenience, shortfills remain the preferred option.

The Role of Vapeaholic in Anticipating Longfill E-Liquids

At Vapeaholic, we are keenly aware of the evolving landscape of vaping, particularly with the anticipated vape tax set to reshape the industry in 2026. While we currently do not stock longfill e-liquids, we closely monitor the market and regulatory changes to determine the ideal time to introduce them to our lineup.

This strategic approach ensures that we will offer longfills alongside comprehensive guidance on using and mixing these products effectively and safely when the time is right.

In the meantime, our focus remains on providing top-quality shortfill e-liquids, which continue to be a popular choice among our customers. We are proud to highlight our five best-selling shortfill products, which exemplify the variety and quality that Vapeaholic is known for:

wake & vape black mango chiller vape flavors

1 . Wake & Vape Black Mango Chiller 100ml 0mg – A refreshing blend of ripe mango with a cool finish, perfect for vapers looking for a tropical taste sensation.

blue slush - slushum blueberry

2 .  Slushum Blueberry 100ml 0mg – Enjoy the sweet and tangy flavour of blueberries in a smooth slushie, ideal for an all-day vape.

menthol vape liquid - go dutch 50:50 iceberg

3 . Go Dutch Iceberg 50/20 20ml 0mg – A crisp and refreshing menthol experience, providing a sharp frosty hit that menthol lovers crave.

wake and vape eton mess cake vape

4 . Wake & Vape Eton Mess 100ml 0mg – A delicious rendition of the classic dessert, mixing strawberries, whipped cream, and meringue for a sweet treat.

wake and vape toffee apple cheesecake vape deals

5 . Wake & Vape Toffee Apple Cheesecake 100ml 0mg – A decadent dessert blend that combines creamy cheesecake with a caramel apple topping.

As we prepare for the future, Vapeaholic remains committed to serving our community with the best products and customer service. Whether you’re a long-time vaper or new to vaping, our team provides expert advice and support, ensuring you find the perfect e-liquid to suit your tastes and preferences.

As the vaping industry continues to evolve, longfill e-liquids stand out as a promising option for those looking to maximise flavour, customise their vaping experience, and mitigate the impact of the upcoming vape tax.

At Vapeaholic, we are excited to lead the charge in this new era, providing our customers with innovative solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Whether you are a seasoned vaper or new to the scene, exploring longfill e-liquids could open up a new dimension in your vaping journey.

Join us at Vapeaholic as we embrace this next wave of vaping innovation, ensuring that our community remains vibrant and well-served no matter what changes come our way.

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