­Vapeaholic is an online, and brick and mortar vape shop in Basingstoke. Offering the latest and greatest eliquids and hardware, at the best prices possible. With staff that have worked in the industry from the very beginning of it all, you’ll find it hard to find a more experienced or more dedicated team to help you on your vape journey. Our aim when we started, and continuing to this day, was always to bring our customers an experience and level of service that we would be happy to receive. As vapers ourselves we’ve all done our fair share of purchasing from different stores and more often than not, either the products or service we received, left us a little disappointed. We have taken every bit of that experience and worked hard to make sure none of our customers feel the same way after using our stores or online shop. Our staff are reachable all the time to help you out by email, social media. Or by phone during shop opening times.

Our outgoing mail orders are collected at 4pm everyday, and to bring you the best possible chance to receive your orders the next day we have extended our cut off until 3.30pm. Any order made before 3.30pm will get same day dispatch. Should this not be possible one of our staff will contact you and advise of potential delay, or offer an alternative.